Pop ups are the new ‘in thing’ worldwide. So, deciding to exhibit my new fashion line in a pop up in central London was nerve wrecking to say the least! But, I decided to go ahead and push forward! And so, the planning began. Days soon turned into weeks, and weeks soon turned into almost two months of planning.

As I finished planning one detail, another six came up to take their place. Honestly, I never would have thought that this much goes into planning a simple 3-day event! But, we sat, and we planned everything down to the last details.

A week before the pop up, all the advertising was finalised for print and digital channels. The adverts were distributed and shared over and over. We were spending a lot of time on Instagram trying to generate some hype. Two days before the event, we moved all our stock into the shop.

On the day, I arrived early to get the exhibit started. Imagine my horror when I turned my key and the roller shutters got stuck! The shutter doors outside the premises wouldn’t open. Months of planning was about to be derailed by a stuck roller shutter door!

Thankfully, a few frantic calls later and I was able to get an emergency engineer to come and fix the jam. The rest of the day went by in a blur. I was exhausted but in absolute awe of the amount of amazing people who came out to support us. From that day onwards, I’ve always kept roller shutter repairs London saved as a contact in my phone book just in case!