Sometimes new fashion trends can be perplexing. Sometimes you see vintage trends repeating themselves whereas other times you see brand new, diverse cutting edge designs that push boundaries and challenge stereotypes. Starting with casual and formal styles to party wear and evening wear, consumers can walk into any store and have their pick of just about any style or design they fancy.

London, where I’m based, has been a leading fashion hub for decades. London has its own distinctive fashion sense. Walk the streets of Brixton or visit the well-decorated boutiques of Knightsbridge and you’ll find crowds swarming of people eagerly hunting for the killer new piece to¬†match their look.

Though there are renowned trusted shops that sell the most popular brands, there are some startups as well that go unnoticed. We are one such startup, eager to make our mark in this crowded, yet ever expanding ecosystem.

Into The Future

We as a startup have found our inspiration in street-level creativity. Starting from casual wear right the way through to formal we’re inspired by it all!

If you’re done with boring clothes and you want something edgy, fresh and different, we’re here for you! Watch out for us because we’re going to make our mark.

Trust us when we say, what we have planned is set to change the definition of fashion as a whole.

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