Rugged Jeans With Layered Tops:

Jeans are most probably the most comforting thing to wear after pajamas. Got nothing to wear? I bet you automatically pick a pair of jeans and pair it up with anything, right? Be it the cool white shirts or the cheerful yellow bohemian ones, literally anything can go with a good pair of jeans. There is skinny, ankle, rugged, distressed, and patched and a lot of other jeans that can be looked over.

And layering is on trend right now. Just get your jacket, top, sweatshirt or anything over your top and voila! You are the new trendsetter, even if your attire is a little mismatched.

Sundresses and Tops:

Cute sundresses are always on trend no matter what time of the year. Even if it’s raining outside, why not pair up a sundress with some jeans underneath? It’s a look that’s casual enough for a night with friends, but formal enough for a fancy restaurant with your partner! Plus, if you rock the look with swagger you’ll be the talk of the town. And the best part about this is they too can be layered or worn with total comfort.

Forgot About Accessories?

Of course, you can’t complete the look without accessories! Accessories are a vital part of an outfit that cannot be ignored. Be it shoes, bags or jewelry; everything needs to be in place. Everything needs to come together to give you your perfect outfit.

Sneakers or flats go well with jeans and stilettos and pumps with dresses everyone knows that right? But ever tried to do the opposite? That’s what famous stylists do. They try to bring the uniqueness out in every outfit. Are you brave enough to give the London look a try?